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  • @ellamarais relaxing at Miri Miri Falls! 
Visit this beautiful place with a @helispirit tour🚁
  • A beautiful #sunset over the Warmun hills. How are those colours!! πŸ“· @jerryp93 , HeliSpirit pilot.
  • Busy busy at #mitchellfalls ! 
These choppers do transfers between the campground and the top of the falls, with awesome views! 🚁
  • Getting the best views on a #mitchellfalls scenic flight! Make sure you get a birds eye view of this stunning part of the world! 🚁
  • This is the beautiful waterhole at Miri Miri. It's pristine and just perfect to swim in. It's just a 10 minute walk from the helipad.
  • Just landed at Miri Miri Gorge @elquestro with @ellamarais And @ebonymuirson What a spectacular landing Steve did! Light as a feather on a tiny pindan helipad. These tours leave barely a mark on the landscape as there are no roads or paths scarring the pristine landscape.

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