Mitchell Falls Helicopter Tours

Mitchell Falls Helicopter Flights

Our office is at the Mitchell Falls Camp Ground. GPS: -14.8217, 125.716.

This is where you check in and where our helicopter flights depart.

Mitchell Falls Helicopter Flights from $160.  Call 08 9161 4512 to book

HeliSpirit‚Äôs Mitchell Falls Helicopter flights give you a magnificent bird’s eye view of this remote wilderness. Mitchell Falls flights depart from the campground or from the top of the Mitchell Falls. Bookings are essential.

The transfer flight is a short helicopter flight to view the Mitchell Falls from the air and to drop you off at the top of the Mitchell Falls or to pick you up (if you have pre-booked) and take you back to the campground.  There is a longer option out to the Kimberley coast and over the lower Mitchell Falls and Crystal Creek. The 18 minute Triple Waterfall flight includes the lower Mitchell Falls and the JCR falls. See our flight paths on the map below.

There is so much to see from the air at the Mitchell Plateau. A Mitchell Falls helicopter flight gives you a grand perspective of the area you have walked and driven over. You will see gorges, waterfalls, remote beaches and islands if you choose the 48-minute flight.

Helicopter flights operate from the Mitchell Falls between  April and September (approximately), dependent on the weather.