3 items you cannot take on board the helicopter

3 items you cannot take on board the helicopter

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not allowed to be carried on HeliSpirit flights.  

Within Australia there have been a number of recently reported incidents of passengers dropping or having their phones/cameras/IPad/tablets suddenly pulled from their grasp in flight due to the very strong wind forces within the aircraft slipstream.

While cameras and mobile phones are allowed to be carried on aircraft and taking photographs during flight is permitted, the wearing of wrist straps or lanyards, which are firmly attached to the device, is highly recommended. These straps and lanyards or clear carry bags are available from most camera and phone stores, we recommend you purchase these items before you start your travels.

For your safety and the safety of all passengers on board any larger devices such as iPads and tablets are prohibited from use on an aircraft where the aircraft doors are removed. The use of these items may also be prohibited on certain aircraft that have larger windows. Because of their shape and size these larger items represent a real risk to the aircraft should they strike the rotor blades during flight.  To avoid any disappointment we strongly recommend that you plan on using a phone or camera to take photos during your flight and not rely on taking an iPad or Tablet. These items may be stowed in the baggage area.

The use of Selfie Sticks is also banned at all Helicopter Loading Sites and on all aircraft at all times.

Loose items such as sunglasses, jewellery and hats also risk being carried out of the aircraft by wind forces.  All loose jewellery and clothing items (hats, scarves, hankies, name tags etc) need to be removed before boarding a helicopter.

Please note every passenger will be provided with a pre-flight safety briefing before flying with Helispirit and you will have the opportunity to seek any additional advice. While we aim to do everything practically possible to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable flight please be aware that the use of any device on board an aircraft and the carriage of any undeclared loose items is at your own risk and the company accepts no responsibility for the loss of these items.

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