A World Renowned Kimberley Safari Adventure Tour

A World Renowned Kimberley Safari Adventure Tour

Luxury Kimberley Helicopter Safaris are an exclusive helicopter adventure that is the paramount way to uncover what the Kimberley region has on offer. On this 6-day 6-night journey you will experience a range of activities in world class locations and witness scenery that is largely unexplored. Your adventure will be tailored to your every need while you enjoy luxurious lodges and retreats by the coast. Your pilot will give you an insight into the region and allow you to swim in secret waterholes only accessible by a helicopter.

Tailored to you!

The luxury Kimberly safari tours operate from April through to October and during this time you are able to select dates that are suitable for you. The activities that you prefer or the route taken can be discussed with your pilot, therefore allowing you to experience what you desire. The knowledge of the pilot is an extremely handy asset, as he/she can recommend certain locations and routes to enhance this amazing experience.

Amazing activities!

During your time on this Kimberley helicopter tour, you will get the opportunity to be involved in activities that set this expedition apart from the rest. From guided hikes through some of the most untouched landscape on earth, cruises along the coast, nature drives or sport fishing in world class locations, the activities during this luxury Kimberley safari are second to none.

State of the art accommodation!

Each night you will be immersed in extravagance as you stay in some of the best accommodation in the region. These luxury lodges and exquisite coastal retreats offer high standards of service quality and unforgettable dining experiences. Each stay will have unique aspects, whether that be a room with views of the ocean or a bath tub looking up at the stars. This Kimberley adventure tour offers accommodation with exceptional serenity and world class customer service.

Stunning locations!

Flying through gorges and following rivers as they cut through the landscape is just the start of this Kimberley adventure tour. You will fall in love with the cascading waterfalls and flora and fauna that can be found every day. Your pilot will take you to secret springs and hidden waterfalls that are only known by locals. The ancient rock art is another exciting location that has to be experienced, giving you an insight into the rich history of the region.

There isn’t much that this amazing adventure does not offer. The privacy of your own helicopter and accommodation allows you to fully unwind and enjoy the relaxing nature of the region. The range of activities presented ensures you will always be thoroughly entertained. And the best thing about it all is that you get to experience everything in one of the most scenic and secluded parts of the world. It really is a luxury adventure!

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