Purnululu News

Purnululu News

Heliwork WA was the operator that first showed the Bungle Bungle to the world, by flying a media crew over the area in the 1980ā€™s and we know this special place intimately.

We are an ECO certified operator, with our Purnululu National Park operations being the only ECO certified helicopter operation in Australia ā€“ and the world ( we have been told)

* We hold national tourism quality accreditation, so you are assured of our professional conduct. We carry all licenses, insurances and approvals.

* We use Robinson R44 helicopters and Bell Jetranger helicopters.

* We provide personalised commentary on our flights.

* We have a fixed price for a minimum of 2 passengers, no sliding scales. Prices start at $235pp for an 18 minute flight

* Our flights from the Bellburn airfield in Purnululu National Park give you more time over the domes and gorges as we are right there!

We are the only operator flying from within the World Heritage Listed area. We are audited by the Department of Environment and Conservation annually and our recent audit gained a 100% score!