HeliSpirit Helifishing 8 Fast Facts

HeliSpirit Helifishing 8 Fast Facts


What is heli-fishing?
It’s taking a helicopter flight to fishing locations not accessible any other way (except by hiking). Landing close to the spot is a thrilling experience. You will be the only ones there.

Where do you depart from?
Heli-fishing departs year round from Kununurra and from April to October we also depart from El Questro Wilderness Park. Both are in the Kimberley, Western Australia.

What is the best time for catching fish?
You can fish the whole year round but the prime time is January to May (this may vary by a month a so at either end of the spectrum depending on the wet season). The cold months of June to August can be a little slow.

Is catching fish guaranteed?
There are no guarantees on landing a fish. You may hook a few, but not land one. You may catch various types but not your sought after Barramundi. However, you will have a great time and see parts of the stunning Kimberley landscape few others have ever seen before.

What species will we catch?
Main species include barramundi, mangrove jack and at times threadfin salmon.

Do I need to bring my own fishing gear?
We supply quality fishing gear, but if you have your favourite equipment, then bring it along.

Is food and drink supplied?
Yes. The half day helifishing adventure includes a bacon and egg breakfast burger, cold water and beer. If you have special dietary requirements let us know. For tailor made safaris, we will include food and drink and you can choose your preference.

Can you arrange accommodation for us in Kununurra?
Certainly. We have a great relationship with the local accommodation providers. There is a range of choices; from on-site cabins in Caravan Parks, budget hotels and a 4 star hotel. There are deluxe 4.5 star self-contained apartments too.

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“There is no easier or more productive way to barra fish than chartering a chopper with a pilot who knows the hot spots and by using Kununurra in the far north east of Western Australia as a comfortable base during and immediately after the wet season”

Col Roberts, Fishing Wild magazine, November 2015

We are the largest aviation company in the Kimberley with solid history and experience in the remote outback.