How much can a helicopter lift?

How much can a helicopter lift?

Helicopter aerial cranes are integral in building  Kimberley infrastructure.

Did you know that the building materials and tools to build the new walkway and viewing platform at Mini Palms Gorge in the Purnululu National Park was lifted in by HeliSpirit?  HeliSpirit pilot Philippe Lahore РLahitte, using  a Bell LongRanger helicopter,  lifted in about 10 tons of building equipment, by helicopter, over 2 days in June this year.

Mini Palms Gorge is at the northern area of the Western side of the Bungle Bungles and is a deep, narrow gorge filled with mini palm trees.The existing viewing platform  and stairs at the end of the Mini Palms walk trail needed an upgrade. Construction began on 14 June and was completed in just 14 days, with materials carried in to the difficult-to-access gorge on a sling suspended beneath a HeliSpirit helicopter. There were 32 loads carried in, including 3 tonnes of wood, steel and tools and 240 bags of concrete and 24 loads choppered out including removal of the old structure. The new platform and stairs were redesigned to take in amazing views in the spectacular Mini Palms Gorge. 

The material drop zone was at the bottom of a 400ft vertical descent, into the gorge, with the wind swirling around the western wall of the Bungle Bungle massif all day. Each drop was an 8 minute return trip.   In total around 80 laps were done.  Then on the 19th June we returned to sling out the old structure, unused materials and tools.

This is  skilful and very demanding flying, with the pilot needing to calculate the wind effect, whilst lowering the materials between narrow cliffs.

Also known as aerial cranes or skycranes, our helicopters can carry a variety of goods of various shapes and sizes; from fuel drums to power towers, engines and aeroplanes. It makes getting equipment into difficult places, quite possible. It takes experience to be able to  sling goods underneath  a helicopter and skilfully fly them to deftly place them in their specified location.

HeliSpirit have also been contracted to lift items such as aeroplanes  Рsee  the photos!   Regular helicopter sling lift jobs we do include: lifting aerials  and  towers in place for communications systems on behalf of companies such as Telstra and the Department of Fire and  Emergency Services. We often sling drums of fuel to remote sites along the Kimberley Coast for vessels and we transport bulky items to remote camps for the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Next time you need an aerial crane, call us to discuss your requirements. You can find out more about our aerial sling load services here.



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