How to choose the scenic helicopter flight to suit you


How to choose the scenic helicopter flight to suit you

Here you are doing your holiday research and you come across our website. There are heli scenic flights over fantastic places you have read about in travel articles. The photos are all so inspiring – how do you choose the helicopter flight over the Kimberleys that will suit you?

  1. Check your itinerary

Where is your itinerary taking you? The Kimberley is vast and places are long distances apart. This is why our scenic helicopter flights depart from seven key destinations. Check the departure point of the flights and only look at those places that you are going to on your itinerary. HeliSpirit heli scenic flights depart from: Kununurra, Warmun, El Questro, Bungle Bungles, Mitchell Falls, Lake Argyle Resort and Katherine Gorge.

  1. Refresh your dream of why you are visiting the Kimberley and ensure you leave no regrets

Were you inspired to visit the Kimberley by a video or by the imagery in a book or magazine? The answer is most probably yes. Much of the imagery of this spectacular region is taken by photographers on helicopter flights over the Kimberleys. The image you have in your mind is the flight you need to take. You don’t want to go home 4000 km away and then wish you had done the scenic helicopter flight you had been dreaming of all that time. Was it a helifishing adventure or a helipicnic near a freshwater spring, or majestic views of Lake Argyle?

  1. Assess your budget

There is a range of prices for scenic helicopter flights at each of our bases. We cater for all budgets so that you can live your dream and see this grand landscape from the air. For example; at the Bungle Bungle, choose from an 18, 30 or 42 minute scenic helicopter flight to get you up close to the incredible striped sandstone formations that are 350 million years old. These heli scenic flights depart from Bellburn airstrip in Purnululu National Park.

You will most probably want to do another helicopter flight over the Kimberleys after you have been up with us once. Hooray, we will help you with our Boomerang rewards program, where we catch you when you return back to us. We offer discounts after your first heli scenic flight. Ask your pilot about it and if you are planning a grand Kimberley trip then the HeliSpirit Boomerang rewards card will be your best friend.

We are the largest aviation company in the Kimberley with solid history and experience in the remote outback.