Kimberley Adventure Tours by Helicopter

Kimberley Adventure Tours by Helicopter

The Kimberley region in the far north west of Western Australia is a place of rugged beauty. Huge watercourses carve through the ancient landscape forming gorges and waterfalls. The coastline is edged with uninhabited islands fringed with pristine beaches, mangrove coves and rocky cliffs. Kimberley air tours by helicopter take you into places you cannot access any other way. HeliSpirit offers spectacular Kimberley adventure tours from remote locations dotted throughout the region.

Drive the famous Gibb River Road and turn off on to the Kalumburu Road to get to the four tiered waterfall at the Mitchell Falls. Here you can walk the 3.5 km track through monsoon vine thickets and galleries of ancient rock art before reaching the Mitchell Falls. Pre book your helicopter to collect you from the heli pad above the Falls and take you soaring over them, then downstream to the lower Mitchell Falls and further out to the coastline. The colours of the ocean, the beach, the mangroves and the rocky cliffs will take your breath away. Spot dugongs, manta rays and crocodiles in the ocean.

The flight will return you to the camp ground so you don’t have to walk back.  HeliSpirit helicopters are based at the Mitchell Falls campground and this is where you book these flights. There are 3 helicopter tours to choose from here; a 6 minute transfer flight from the camp ground to the falls, an 18 minute Kimberley adventure tour called the Triple waterfalls flight and the amazing views of the coastline as well as the waterfalls in a 48 minute Mitchell Falls Coastal flight.

Find out more about other locations across the Kimberley here, in particular the town of Kununurra, which is where we have our administration  base and maintenance facility.

We are the largest aviation company in the Kimberley with solid history and experience in the remote outback.