Kununurra’s professional helicopter services

Kununurra’s professional helicopter services

Are you searching for professional helicopter services in northern Western Australia? At HeliSpirit we offer a range of helicopter flight services including; mining support, search and rescue, helicopter aerial sling loads, film and photography, private passenger charter, feral animal control, survey, medivac and more.

We have been operating from our Kununurra base in the East Kimberley for over 30 years and therefore have a solid platform of local experience. Our management team are long term industry professionals in the helicopter flight services industry.

Our fleet of 19 helicopters is comprised of Bell LongRanger helicopters, Bell JetRanger helicopters, Robinson R66 and Robinson R44 helicopters. All aircraft are very well presented with newly refurbished interiors and exteriors.

Our crew of 24 pilots are a team of experienced men and women who undergo rigorous flight and customer service training to enable them to provide the high standard of helicopter flight services we offer our clients.

Holding a number of corporate and government contracts means that we are open for audits from both the private and government sectors. These audits are stringent and go through our whole operation; checking pilot check and training, aircraft maintenance, operations and safety. In addition to these external audits, we self audit, to maintain the high standards we set ourselves to provide professional helicopter services to the public.

We have our own in-house helicopter maintenance division to ensure that our fleet is maintained to our rigorous standards. This also means that we don’t have to wait for maintenance to occur, we can prioritise our maintenance to suit our schedule. For all your professional helicopter services in the Kimberley and NT, contact our operations team on 08 91681101. They will be able to help you determine the solution to your helicopter flight services requirements

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We are the largest aviation company in the Kimberley with solid history and experience in the remote outback.