Sarah Marquis National Geographic adventurer

Sarah Marquis National Geographic adventurer

Dropped into the Wild Corner

We first met Sarah Marquis back in June 2015 when we were chartered to fly her to a remote geographic location near the Berkeley River in the north Kimberley. This was the first time we had heard about her and her story intrigued us. We meet many incredible adventurers in our line of work and Sarah is quite unique. Sarah is Swiss and she likes to walk long distances. She feels her legs were made for walking and the earth is there to explore and so she does exactly that.  She walks, explores far flung places and in this occasion, planned to live off the land.

This current exploration of Sarah’s is of the remote Kimberley region – our home . Dropped into the Wild Corner – is what she has called¬†the expedition and that’s exactly what she asked us to do! Drop her off, alone, in the wilderness.

I would like to inspire people to make their dreams come true.
Each and every one of us must connect ourselves to our own intimate inspirations. This will bring out our differences which together are the strength of tomorrow.

Let your soul touch the earth, go walking. Sarah Marquis

This 3 month expedition of Sarah’s¬†was on foot, alone, in survival conditions. She walked from a location near the Berkeley River to Purnululu National Park, the Bungle Bungle. It’s spectacular country, but incredibly harsh. The lower than average rainfall means there is little water to be found. Temperatures ranged from cool nights to maximum 38 degree days at the end of her journey.

At times we flew in other people to meet up with her on route – a National Geographic journalist, Krystle Wright and some photographers with a drone, to film her in the area she was exploring.

You can find out more by reading Sarah’s blog¬†and by following her on Twitter. It’s an incredible journey by an inspiring woman.

HeliSpirit is a very proud sponsor of this Sarah Marquis Australian expedition.


Getting ready to go out to meet with Sarah.

Selfie with the film crew.

Sarah with Krystle

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