Spectacular Kununurra scenic flights

Spectacular Kununurra scenic flights

Huge watercourses and stunning mountain ranges

Kununurra, in the Kimberley, is absolutely beautiful to fly over. The tropical town is situated in the Ord River Valley and is surrounded by rugged mountain ranges. The patchwork of tropical farms adds detail to the picturesque scene of the huge Ord River snaking its way through the valley. The Ord is dammed here by the Diversion Dam wall and provides the lifeblood to grow¬†varied crops.¬†Close by Kununurra¬†is Mirima National Park, locally called Hidden Valley or the “mini Bungle Bungles” as its¬†formations are similar to the Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park.

Kununurra’s landmark is Carlton¬†Ridge, alongside Lake Kununurra, known as the Sleeping Buddha from one angle or Elephant Rock from another angle. From the air you can see the wetlands opening up behind the ridge as well as the wetlands around the Ord River leading to Packsaddle Plains.

Our Kununurra scenic flights depart from the Kununurra airport. You can choose from an  18 minute Kununurra helicopter flight  or take a longer look at the wider valley.Our 30 minute Kununurra Scenic flight takes in Packsaddle Plains as well as Ivanhoe Crossing.

A unique experience is to land on the mountains overlooking the Ord Valley and enjoy a picnic and your favourite cold drink whilst enjoying the incredible views and the sun’s last glows of the day lighting up the scenery. You can do this on our Kununurra sunset helipicnic. This Kununurra scenic flight is perfect for a¬†romantic occasion.

The Ord Irrigation Area is famous and the Kununurra helicopter tour to be able to learn about the scope of this is the Kununurra Farmer’s Special. Farming is a significant contributor to the Kununurra economy. This 90 minute Kununurra scenic flight takes in the Ord Top Dam at Lake Argyle, all of Packsaddle Plains, the setting of the town, including Mirima National Park and goes further out to Ord Stage 1 and Ord Stage 2. Our¬†pilot will provide¬†an informative commentary.

Kununurra is known as the gateway to the Kimberley from the east. It is definitely worth taking a Kununurra scenic helicopter flight to drink in the stunning views of huge watercourses, incredible mountain ranges and farmland as far as the eye can see. The contrast of the orderly farms and the rugged scenery is truly breathtaking.

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