The best scenic tours in Australia

The best scenic tours in Australia

A helicopter tour offers a different perspective compared to other scenic tours. The maneuverability and option to land almost anywhere allows a helicopter to reach remote places that are otherwise unreachable. To be able to land somewhere and go for a swim in a beautiful Kimberley swimming hole that few others have ever visited is an amazingly unique experience. Australia has an array of hidden gems and the Kimberley in Western Australia is where a lot of them lie. Secret natural springs, deep gorges and massive ranges are on show in this beautiful part of the world. Considered unrated, the Kimberley has so much to offer and for anyone who experiences this part of the world is left with wonderful life long memories.

HeliSpirit showcase the picturesque Kimberley in a range of tours that enable guests to experience all aspects of the region. Whether that is landing on top of a range and watching the sunset, finding a remote waterhole and enjoying a swim or travelling the entire Kimberley on a 6-day Luxury helicopter safari, HeliSpirit will accommodate you and your travelling desires.

Being locally owned and operated, HeliSpirit is community focused and puts a lot of time and effort into sponsoring local events. Located in the country town of Kununurra it is important for businesses to support the continuation and growth of the town. The famous Ord Valley Muster event that occurs annually from 19th to the 28th May in Kununurra is an event that HeliSpirit is proud to sponsor. HeliSpirit offer helicopter scenic tours as prizes through-out the Ord Valley Muster so people are able to experience the wonder of a flight over the Kununurra area.

The pinnacle of the Ord Valley Muster is the Kimberley Moon Experience which is an unforgettable night to top of the week of events. During this event HeliSpirit fly above capturing stunning photographs of the occasion by local photographers. The Kimberley Moon Experience and other events through-out the week are best seen from above, which enable quality promotional material for the event and the tourism industry of Kununurra and the Kimberley.

The community connection that HeliSpirit has by sponsoring events such as the Ord Valley Muster and other local events reiterates their dedication to the growth of tourism not just for Kununurra but the Kimberley as a destination. As some of the best helicopter scenic tours in Australia, support of the local community is key is ensuring the future of tourism in such an amazing region.

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