Medivac Helicopter for Air Ambulance Services

Our rescue capable helicopters provide the east Kimberley region with a fast medical evacuation helicopter when the time calls for it.

Through our extensive fleet of helicopters, we provide air ambulance or medivac services  and patient transport solutions for medical emergencies. We also offer cost effective and stress free transportation services for your family including companions for the elderly. Our aircraft are equipped with the necessary equipment for your safety.

The Bell LongRanger aircraft is properly equipped with a stretcher and other equipment including a trauma kit and a defibrillator. The rescue helicopter is flown by our highly experienced pilots.  We are always ready for fast deployment when necessary.The Longrangers are fitted with a Spidertracks Spider S3, providing real time tracking and emergency alerting.

 Medivac Helicopter Services

Contact us on 08 9168 1110 to ask how we can support you in our region.