Helicopter Search and Rescue Operations

The right personnel along with the assistance of aircraft are essential assets in remote areas for the success of the operation.

A search and rescue team is necessary to provide assistance to those in danger or requiring immediate medical attention.

Disaster can strike at any moment and often when it is least expected, putting lives at risk in potentially remote areas. A fast response is especially crucial for search and rescue missions when potential delays could spell disaster.

Our pilots have a wealth of experience with search and rescue operations. Our state of the art aircraft are fitted with GPS satellite mapping and advanced equipment to ensure missions are completely as safely and efficiently as possible.The majority of our  helicopters are fitted with  Spidertracks satellite tracking units. The Spider S3 provides real time satellite tracking and emergency alerting back to our head office in Kununurra with position reports every 2 minutes.

We take extreme measures to ensure the operation is successfully carried out without any compromises. Our rescue helicopters are regularly maintained to ensure their safe operation at all times.

In addition we can provide support helicopters for your tasks and events as part of your risk mitigation strategy.

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We have been conducting numerous search and rescue missions across the Kimberley region for the last two decades. We understand that every second matters. We offer fast deployment on our aircraft to areas that are normally inaccessible by ground vehicles.

Our team has already successfully carried out search and rescue operations throughout the Kimberley region in search of individuals in distress. While such missions are often associated with remote areas, search operations are increasingly carried out in urban and suburban areas.


The Bell LongRanger aircraft is properly equipped with a stretcher and other equipment including a trauma kit and a defibrillator. The rescue helicopter is flown by our highly experienced pilots and is ready for fast deployment when necessary.

For any enquiries on our search and rescue services please

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