Bungle Bungle Helicopter Flights from Purnululu National Park

Departing Purnululu from $299

HeliSpirit’s award-winning Bungle Bungle Helicopter Flight Tours departing from in the Purnululu National Park give the full flight time over the Bungle Bungle. Bookings: 08 9168 7335

  • Flights operate from April ¬†to October
  • Flights depart Bellburn airstrip Purnululu National Park
  • Minimum 2 passengers on all flights
  • Free tea and coffee
  • All flight time is over the Bungle Bungle
  • Maximum body weight of 136kg per seat

Choose from our 4 Bungle Bungle helicopter flights departing from Purnululu:

  • 18 minute flight $299 pp
  • 30 minute flight $449 pp
  • 42 minute flight $549 pp
  • full day heli-hike $997 pp

18 minute Domes Special ‚Äď $299 pp ¬†– Tour Code A18
Fly over¬†the south west of the Bungle Bungle¬†to‚ÄúY‚ÄĚ Gorge before soaring across the top of the enormous massif to the mouth of spectacular Piccaninny Gorge.¬†Continue¬†along the southern face, following Piccaninny Creek where you can view the mouth of Cathedral Gorge and soar amongst the famous orange and black striped sandstone beehive shaped domes.

30 minute Original Bungle Bungle flight ‚Äď $449 pp – Tour code A30
Our most popular flight includes the hidden red rock gorges of the northwest tip, Picaninny Gorge from end to end and the unique beehive formations that have contributed to the listing of the Purnululu National Park as a World Heritage listed area.This exciting flight shows off the famous striped domes, the deep caverns and gorges with palm trees clinging to cliff faces, the western wall and the meandering creek bed of Picaninny Creek.

42 minute Long Look ‚Äď $549 pp – Tour code A42
The first gorges we visit on this spectacular flight are;¬†Deep Gorge and ‚ÄėThe Twins‚Äô, 2 incredibly deep crevasses with Livistona palms clinging to the sides of the cliff faces. We then soar up¬†to the highest point of the Bungle Bungle where you can see the entire massif stretching out below you. Then fly¬†over the extraordinary¬†Red Rock Gorges of the North West¬†and¬†towards the eastern side of the Bungle Bungle massif, to encounter incredible eroded sandstone formations and a maze of gorges.¬† This area is not seen on any other scenic flight and is the fragile part of the national park which is not accessible to visitors at all on the ground. View¬†Picaninny Gorge,¬†Picaninny Creek, Cathedral Gorge¬†and the famous orange and black striped beehive shaped domes.

Piccaninny Gorge Heli-hike – $997 pp – Tour code A18BB4
Fly over the Bungle Bungle on the Domes Special flight (A18) and land near the mouth of Piccaninny Gorge. This enormous gorge spreads into 5 fingers as it cuts through the Bungle Bungle Range. Your guide will lead the hike into the gorge and tell you about the area’s cultural significance to the Aboriginal people and its unique history, which led to the world heritage listing of Purnululu. The hike is up to 10km return and requires a high level of fitness and mobility. The rocky creek bed of Piccaninny Gorge is classed as a level 5 walk. Picnic lunch, morning/afternoon tea and cold water is included.
Departs: Bellburn airstrip early morning | Flight time: 12 minutes and 6 minutes
Tour duration: 8 hours

Call us on 9168 7335 to book or contact us here.

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HeliSpirit Bungle Bungle Purnululu Map

The sandstone massif of the Bungle Bungle Range is almost 99 times the area of Uluru.There are more stunning features and spectacular landforms to see on a HeliSpirit Bungle Bungle scenic flight than you would imagine possible.
Bellburn airfield is 17 km from the Purnululu Visitor Centre and Ranger station, on the drive towards Cathedral Gorge

HeliSpirit is an Eco accredited Green Travel Leader. We monitor our emissions, our water use and generate our power from solar arrays.15 % of your tour price is given to the Department of Parks and Wildlife to put back into maintaining the Purnululu National Park. Our flight paths have been tailored in conjunction with the traditional owners of Purnululu and we do not fly over any culturally sensitive areas. Leave No Trace offers information to help you plan your trip in the Kimberley. Be prepared for your journey and help us look after our beautiful natural resources.

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